Hello! This is the blog for Joshua Robbins (more commonly known as Iconmaster on the Internet). I’m currently working for Grammatech Inc. I post here about my new projects, my insights into computer science (especially with regards to programming languages and programmer tools), and probably stuff about video games, too. Enjoy!


  • TextX, Part 3: Curses Wrangling

    In my previous post, we decided upon some general design choices. It’s time to present my first steps and show you all a mockup of TextX. I spent most of my time messing with Curses, as you may have guessed. So if you want to know a thing or two about the TUI library, here you go. Curses ahead!

  • TextX, Part 2: C And Curses

    In my previous post, I drafted some important design considerations for TextX that precede the writing of any code. There are two of them:

    • What language should TextX be developed in?
    • Is it possible for us to use curses while being portable and single-executable?

    I’ve done some research, and here are my findings.

  • TextX: Let's Make A Terminal Text Editor

    It’s been over a year since I set up this website, and yet not a single blog post exists. I decided that it’s time to start journaling some of my experiences for you all to enjoy. Let’s start with a little story.